All the professors here at the institute have not only

All the professors here at the institute have not only

theoretical knowledge, but also very good and deep experience in different

types of satellites. For example, Professor Hu was part of China’s own satellite program from th

e very beginning, and Professor Cui has taken part in both of my nation’s remote-sensing satellite projects.

“All of them have at least 10 years of experience in satellite re

search and development. This is very important and very unique,” he added.

Moreno Pena said China is special to him, professionally as well as personally.

“I met my wife during my first training in Beijing in 2007. She was also a Venezuelan studying spacecraft here at that time,” he said.

“China is a very special nation to me. I’ve made a lot of Chinese friends. I love Chinese f

ood in all flavors, especially Beijing roast duck, noodles and local Muslim food,” he added.

If you come in to the shore to deliver, it takes at least

If you come in to the shore to deliver, it takes at least

an hour – an hour we lose on the water. The thing about the fish

is that once you find them, you’ve got to stay on top of them,” Berry said.

Irwin said that every day the fish seem to prefer different temperatures and water depths. He is us

ing all the skills he has learned throughout the world to find better ways to fish for carp in Kentucky.

The half-brothers are not the only ones lured to the state by Asian car

p. About a year ago, Lin Jiantong and his wife Jiang Huiying moved there from Atlanta to fish the species.

In Atlanta, they were employed as kitchen workers by Chinese restaurants. After le

arning they could make a living from fishing, Lin had no hesitation in trying a new lifestyle.

Growing up along the coast in Fujian province, he knows a thing or two about fishing.

AI algorithms also give the images a much higher defin

AI algorithms also give the images a much higher defin

Nevertheless, while the team once thought that AI offered all th

e solutions, a new question soon arose. Audience members asked: “Where’s the original flavor?”

After restoring the images to their original state, they soon began to realize that people still needed some nostalgia. For examp

le, old series made by Hong Kong-based company TVB usually have yellowing images, but many viewers co

mplained that its retro ambience had vanished after the color cast was corrected, Jiang says.

“People then said our restored version looked like a camera filter has been ad

ded,” Pei says with a bitter smile. “We then had to go back and adapt our methods.”

More complicated algorithms were later developed to carry out a tailored plan for each type of ser

ies, including those by TVB, Chinese mainland productions from the 1980s and Taiwan productions of the 199

0s. Some techniques in hands-on restorations were introduced later too, as Pei confesses even the best AI cannot handle every case.

al violations at sites that supply drinking water. As of the

al violations at sites that supply drinking water. As of the

 of last year, all but nine of 6,251 violations that inspectors found had been corrected, at a total investment of 41 billion yuan ($6.1 billion) in 31 provincial regions.

According to the top environmental watchdog, 3,740 industrial enterprises wer

e relocated and 1,883 wastewater outlets were shut down during the campaign.

“In the long run, the campaign will help curb pollution at sites that supply drinking

water and prevent more of them from being abandoned due to pollution,” Ma from the institute said.

There are specific dos and don’ts at these sites, but some of the restrictions will be lifted if they cease to be sources of drinking water.

Researchers should strictly follow the standards and code of conduct of scientific researc

h and not embezzle or misuse scientific research funds, the Ministry of Education said on Wednesday.

They should not commit fraud to obtain a research project, research fund and other awards or honorary titles, the ministry said.

On March 31, two Chinese People’s Liberation Army Ai

On March 31, two Chinese People’s Liberation Army Ai

r Force Shenyang J-11 fighter jets flew across the so-called median line of t

he Taiwan Straits, prompting a strong reaction by Taiwan leader Tsai Ing-wen. She vo

wed a “forceful expulsion” of mainland fighters should they cross the line again.

A former official on the island, Lai Ching-te, said in

a recent interview that the pro-secession Democratic Progres

sive Party, of which Tsai and Lai are members, is protecting Taiwan by pursuing independence.

Responding to both questions, Ma said the flight was part of the PLA’s scheduled exercise this year.

“Protecting national sovereignty and territorial integrity is the sacred duty of the PLA,” he s

aid. “Tsai’s wild talk means she is scared. We warn them not to play with fire. Don’t even think about it.”

As for Lai’s comment, Ma said it was an example of “confusing right and wrong”.

But while less than 1 percent of the treasures was ex

But while less than 1 percent of the treasures was ex

xhibited in 2012, that number was expanded by 5 percent last y

ear, and plans are for 8 percent to be available for viewing by the end of this year.

While many of Shan’s predecessors shunned the limelight, Shan did not. He gave hundreds lectures across the nation on the

museum and collected more than $100 million in donations to support its development and restoration of relics, he said.

He helped promote documentaries and shows featuring the museum and oversaw development of more than 11,000 kin

ds of cultural souvenirs that had annual sales of over 1.5 billion yuan ($223 million), as well as digital apps and video games.

Criticism of Shan was sparse, though some grumbled

that the light show at the museum for the Lantern Festival was a little on the flamboyant side.

Both the Palace Museum and Mogao Caves were listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites in 1987, among the first in China.

Sun said the event presents a significant opportunity

Sun said the event presents a significant opportunity

for the Bay Area to enhance its international reputation and influence because Tokyo Bay – one of th

e world’s top three bay areas – has been closely linked to Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta in business and trade.

In 2017, Japan was Hong Kong’s fourth-largest trading partner, accordi

ng to the SAR’s Trade and Industry Department, and Hong Kong was Japan’s eighth-largest tr

ading partner. Bilateral trade in goods between the two that year amounted to HK$381.9 billion ($48.7 billion).

Registration for the symposium was closed on March 29, because it was fully booked, according to its website.

A similar seminar was held in Paris in June, with Hong Kong, Gu

angdong and Macao jointly promoting Bay Area business opportunities.

Lam, according to the Hong Kong Chief Executive’s Office, will mee

t with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Foreign Minister Taro Kono.

She also plans to meet with business leaders, as well as leaders of innovation and te

chnology-related organizations and institutions, and she will visit eldercare and medical facilities.

Vice-Premier Liu He leaves for trade talks with US He set off for t

Vice-Premier Liu He leaves for trade talks with US He set off for t

Activity in China’s manufacturing sector increased at a faster pace in March, rising into the

expansion territory, adding to confidence in the recovery of the world’s second-largest economy.

Analysts said the rise is attributable to seasonal and other fact

ors and it is still too early to predict a full rebound in manufacturing activity.

The purchers index for the country’s manufacturing sector came in at 50.5 in M

arch, up from 49.2 in February, the National Bureau of Statistics said on Sunday.

A reading above 50 indicates expansion, while one below it reflects contraction.

The manufacturing PMI had been below the 50 mark for thr

ee consecutive months before it surged into the expansion territory in March.

Manufacturing activity recovered and accelerated in March, followi

ng the disrupted economic activity during the weeklong Lunar New Year festival in Febr

uary. The subindexes for both production and new orders respectively rose to a six-month high of 52.7 and 51.6.

More countries ban Boeing 737 MAX planes after Ethiopian

More countries ban Boeing 737 MAX planes after Ethiopian

  Numerous aviation authorities and countries moved to ground Boeing 737 MAX planes on Tuesday, following Sunday’s fatal plane crash in Ethiopia.

  Turkey and Holland were the latest to join other countries in introducing temporary suspen

sions for the aircraft, after Germany, Iceland, France and the UK took similar measures in quick succession.

  Earlier on Tuesday, aviation authorities in Singapore, Australia, Malaysia and Oman suspended Boeing 737 MAX services after Sunday’s MAX 8 flight fr

om Addis Ababa to Nairobi reported technical problems a

nd asked for permission to turn back, before crashing into a field six minutes after ta

keoff, killing all 157 people on board. Investigations are taking place into the cause of the crash.

  This is the second time in less than six months that this model has crashed soon after taking

off. A new Lion Air Boeing 737 MAX 8 flight went down over the Java Sea off Indonesia last October, killing 189 people.

  The UK, Oman, Singapore, Australia, Ireland, France and Norwegian Airlines have suspended the whole Boeing 737 MAX range.

Research ethics and academic conduct have been a hot topi

Research ethics and academic conduct have been a hot topi

after controversies that still loom over Chinese academia.

Scientist He Jiankui’s announcement to have created the world’s first gene-edited babies

to HIV sparked international condemnation, and act

or Zhai Tianlin was found to have committed plagiarism in his doctoral pap

ers, which aroused public anger online.Ethiopian Airlines plane crash: 8 Chinese among 157 victimsAn Ethiopian Ai

lines Boeing 737 passenger jet to Nairobi crashed on Sunday with 149 passengers and eight crew members aboard

There were no survivors onboard the flight

 Eight Chinese were aboard the flight, seven were from the mainland and one from Hong Kong

The plane was a Boeing 737 MAX 8, the same plane that crashed in Indonesia in October, killing 189