Zhao wei dinner kiss her boyfriend, netizens is refers

  Zhao wei was photographed by the media recently appeared a BBQ restaurant with friends, everybody is very

happy to eat meal, but the media were photographed dining suspected of zhao wei to the boyfriend kiss people m

ove around, zhao wei face to one side in the process of dinner with a boyfriend pe

ople face, looked like a boyfriend, who in your side kiss myself, away from the ca

meras in the boyfriend, people can see a side also conveniently to kissed really zha

o wei, but because it is behind the lens so the net friend said is only a matter of pe

rspective of formation of the visual illusion, two people just said 1 wisp!

  And judging from media reports, zhao we

i and her boyfriend of people go to the karaoke after dinner in the m

orning, and zhao wei is run with assistant, no boyfriend people around, it’

s looking at it is quite normal at a friend’s party, as for the intimate moments in the meal, or more good fr

iends even kiss you face a nothing important also, this is what the others eyes to see!

  For old zhao wei must be quite familiar wit

h, you sure many after 80, 90 are watching her play long, but we grew up

seems to zhao wei is not old, but zhao wei has not acting on the road to c

ontinue their education, but choose married Huang Youlong, husband and wife two people together have taken to i

nvest in business, and that during the negative news, although there are a lot of b

ad take tax issues that paragraph of time, for instance, in fact for their h

usband and wife there are a lot of influence!

  This time, zhao wei Revelations dinner kiss her boyfriend, netizens po

king fun at said: is not the first time!I wonder if you have heard that before, e

arly zhao wei also been reported and ge you at a cocktail party also has a “kiss”, b

ut that still can see two people are drunk, two people seem to be a little less cl

ear, and the same is also carrying a camera, so it is possible that the Angle of the problem, so everybody is talking ab

out a past, but this time looking at zhao didn’t seem to like you, and poke his face of a

ction, these are easy to misleading, though some netizens vehemently to zhao wei, what do you think about it?


Advocates a magnitude 3.4 earthquake in city in

  China earthquake networks formal determination: January 20, 08 35 points in sichuan

and chengdu city part (30.83 degrees north latitude, 103.20 degrees east longi

tude) a magnitude 3.4 earthquake, focal depth of 21 km.

  According to statistics, the average global every year millions of times

earthquake.In China, the 20th century, the 655

level is above 6 earthquake, 7-9.98 times a magnitude 9 earthquake, more than 7 l0

% of global earthquake at the sam

e level.He Yongnian, a researcher at the Chinese earthquake administration, said

that 41% of the land in our

country, and many large and medium-sized cities in more than 7 degrees of high

earthquake intensity area.T

herefore, in the earthquake comes, how to save themselves, is every citizen must

possess knowledge.

  So, when the earthquake happened, is for us the escape time and opportun

ity?Seismic waves are divided into two kinds: shear wave (S) wave and

longitudinal wave (P wave), before the shear w

aves, when the arrival of transverse wave, is the time when the earthquake is the

strongest.But there was a short la

g between the two waves, transverse longitudinal wave time difference is

different for each of the earthqu

ake, generally between 10 to 30 seconds, we can use this time to escape and to

avoid the danger of the earthquake.

  Because time is short, every half a second is the key to save themselves, so

let’s no hesitate.But don’t count on this more tha

n ten seconds allows us to do a lot of emergency work.Especially when the

crust was shaking, people will feel dizziness,

limb weakness, even very difficult move, at this point, must be immediately her squat.

  China earthquake emergency rescue center of earthquake emergency manual written, w

hen an earthquake that moment, under the conditions allow, need y

ou to learn the standard escape measures and the matters needing attention.

  1.Quickly find main wall

  Use of the space around desk, table or bench, or against an inside walls as a cover, and h

old on the object.If there is no desk or table near you, cover your face and head

available arms, crouching in the cor

ner of the room.Teng shay given member said: “a column over one thousand jins, if

there is a tall columns, it is the

best cover, if conditions don’t allow, you should find a solid wall bearing wall, on the wall down.”


Member of Chinese academy of sciences and famous

  Member of Chinese academy of sciences Liang Jingkui.Data figure

  The communist party of China, member of Chinese academy of sciences, famous physical chemist, a researcher at the Ch

inese academy of sciences institute of physics Liang Jingkui comrade, on January 19, 2019, cure is invalid due to illness, died in Beijing at the age of 87.

  Comrade Liang Jingkui was born on April 28, 1931, fuzhou, fujian province, on June 6, 1954 to join the communist party

of China, in July 1955, graduated from the department of xiamen university, in February 1960 the Soviet acade

my of sciences, technical sciences degree in science.After returning from work in the institute of physics, Chinese acad

emy of sciences, and former director of the institute of Chinese academy of sciences, fujian material struct

ure.Member of the 1993 was elected to the division of the Chinese academy of sciences).

  Comrade Liang Jingkui long-term in structural chemistry, materials science and

solid state physics cross frontier engaged in basic and applied basic res

earch, developed the first nuclear test temperature measuring device, the polycry

stalline structure of X ray diffraction analysis and determination of phase d

iagram has made a lot of innovative achievements, and successfully applied to explore new material

, is the main founder in this field in our country.Won a major science and technology

result of Chinese academy of sciences, He Liang; hori fund progress prize in science and technology, etc.


Chinese family wealth report!8 into the house!Only

  Chinese family wealth report!8 into the house!Only 1% of the stock market

  Author: jun-jie qi of finance and economics

Recently, guangdong development bank jointly southwestern university of finance and

issued a “2018 China’s urban household wealth health report”, which reveals the status of the Chinese family assets.

  First of all, the Chinese family 1.62 million worth of total assets is probably close to $1.62 million, 1.62 million worth investab

le assets, is your stocks, funds, bonds and cash added up to 557000 yuan.The number is growing every year, total ass

ets of only 970000, 2011, only 289000 investment in financial assets.This is mainly caused by two reasons

, one is the income is growing, the second one, house prices are really going up.Prices rose fastest year, total household assets also rose faster.

  Second, 2 into the rich, the gap between their

from ordinary people are high, their total assets is 3 times of ordinary

people, to 4.545 million yuan.This part of the wealthy, tota

l assets and net assets are close to the average level in th

e United States, that is to say the richest 20% of u

rban residents, mostly close to the wealth of developed countries.Just in investable assets, just like the U

nited States also doubled, while income sent 2 times, the aver

age annual income is 689000, and we are one of the richest 20% of households, earning only 2250

00.Have to share one’s income, has almost total assets, such a strange phenomenon, due to our house.

  Third, the family property, nearly 8 to 77.7%,

while only 11.8% of financial assets.In the United States, by contrast, in the family property ratio of only 34.6%

, while the proportion of financial assets of more than 42%, and has a close to 20% of the configuration on the indus

try and commerce, the rest of the developed countries, Japan’s financial assets is as high as 61%, Singapore is 56%, the U

K is 52%, Canada also has 48.6%, so obviously we only 12% less than a strikingly low proportion of financial ass

ets.There 42.9% of bank deposits, stocks accounted for only 8.1%, the fund is only 3.2%.Deposits, in other words, in just

4% of the total assets of the proportion, shows that you have no money, and share in the total assets of less

than 1%, this basically is the vast majority of families do not fry, so lower the rate.

  Fourth, 30 to 40 families, this group of people most money, total assets of m

ore than 3 million, young and old family property configuration.This is underst

andable, young and old are poor, so the house of their total assets ratio is especially high.

  Fifth, record of formal schooling is negatively related with real estate configura

tion, the lower the degree the more like to buy a house, it also represents the meaning of two aspects, 1 degree

is higher, the more diversity.2 degree, the higher the income, the more to be used for other investment.


The 23 round tonight show, Liverpool in the

  Firmly top of the premier league Liverpool last week rebound preserves the advantage

of four points, 23 points at home against crystal palace tonight (Beijing time), is expected to attac

k added three points.And majestic Manchester un

ited, will at the same time at old trafford await Brighton, determined to win 7 wins in a row.

  Liverpool 1-0 against Brighton on a battle and ended two defeats to return to winning way

s, but is now only four points ahead of Manchester city.If you want to live the advantage of guaranteed top spot absolute error.Al

though the red army but was broken by Manchester city does not defeat, but home nine wins,

a flat is still tough, two recent battle home scored nine goals, headed by Mr Hera “Egyptian civilization” squad still hitmen.

  Crystal palace to although there have been a shock win over Manchester city on the road, it’s a pity that the season has had its ups and d

owns, only scoring 20 goals seem offensive force is too weak.Will Fred zaha, ayoob and Thomson, the main face of the red army,

to break the reds conceding only 10 line of hale and hearty talk easy, want to get one point is not optimistic.

  Although the reds defence personnel nervous, but just have Andrew Robertson, co

ntract, and law than mourinho is likely to be guest back again, the crystal palac

e to a breakthrough is quite difficult.Method than mourinho before the emphasis on

defence without question: “I actually seldom play full-back, but also to do well on a battle to Brig

hton and adjustment well, I think.Practice makes perfect, play more, there is no problem.”

  Ole Gunnar solskjaer took over after Manchester united get rebound, has won six straight harve

st has to with the fifth Arsenal points, team morale is high, nowadays, is prosperous the horseshoe disease.Liberated pogba, rush ford and masha such dama

ge is very strong.While the defence and some owe, but goalkeeper DE gea there, tonight, the battle

will continue to attack the generation, determination in

the face of lost away much less flat in Brighton, strive to seven wins in a row.

  Manchester united midfielder pogba made it clear that the team has now come back, also innuen

do former boss jose mourinho: “the team on the pitch now than in the more possession, kno

w how to play back, to attack and when to attack and structure is much better than before, in the form of play up very well.”


Super wu derailed door parents that she was arrested

  January 18, has displayed and super wu relationship under seven years of actress Chen Yulin suddenly in a social account issued a lo

ng, originally this is Chen Yulin parents for daughters, they said in the article, daughter after revealing and super wu’s extra-marital affa

irs, the man in the form of them privately, and is willing to give a break-up fee, and hope the daughter don’t go broke, but then the man excuses but after only a small part

of the money paid to extort money “exposed” name of the police arrest her daughter, it has been 2 months, if con

victed or face shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than 10 years.

  It is reported, Chen Yulin now for alleged extortion in the chaoyang district public security bureau.

  Then made contact with related media Chen Yulin parents, the parents responded: “I’

m sorry this two months is too much, not at random and make calls, cases are still in the criminal procedure.”

  Wu Xiu Poland send lawyer statement: Chen Yulin parents letter content is not true

  Wu Xiu Poland’s lawyers, said in a statement the content of the letter is not true, has to

reflect the situation to the public security organ, and will be published shall be investigated for legal responsibility.

  Revealing romance with super wu actress arrest parents post for help

  Earlier, revealing secret with super wu actress detained by police on suspicion of r

acketeering sin, their parents published an open letter for help: we have a good constraint and discipline all blame her

, now say what all too late, now we only hope the daughter come back as soon as possible.

  Star light and super wu 7 years secret: by buddhist brainwashed by zhang zixi scold

  Actress Chen Yulin in the circle of friends hair long, revealing and super wu married actor, has a secret for a period of seven years.

  According to her report, after two people fall in love, super wu on the grounds of c

ast and complex environment than Chen Yulin again take sport, also with buddhist scriptures brainwashe

d her, and for seven years, Chen Yulin give up work wholeheartedly with super wu around flew to take care of him.She a

lso recalled, during the shooting super wu “mastermind alliance”, she is in hengdian good view beauty with

super wu spent 333 days, room 1208 for wu cooked porridge soup every day to wash clothes.

  Was caught out of having an affair with super wu zhang zixi: don’t pull my since the qing qing


he grass-roots civil servants lack of money, want to wee

  Civil servants at the grass-roots level of life pressure big?Different people, may be very different.Also in a unit of work, and also took a s

alary, one person may have several suites, commuting on hundreds of thousands of car, children still perhaps can go abroad to study.

  And some people, even a suite, still have to carry a lifetime to repay the mortgage,

car but also don’t want to, children can only in the ordinary school districts.If unfort

unately have a patient in the home, the compounded of the hardships of life, after all, limited income to meet the expenses necessary for life.

  Ordinary clerk, salary SanSiQianKuai, in addition to this, there won’t be any other

income.Obviously this money, want to live a happy life, it is not enough.So, some people, in order to feed their families, have to work out the way.

  Recently, there is a civil servants at the grass-roots level and living under pressure, part-time

while weekend rest time delivery.In view of possible illegal warning, he to the relevant authorities for advice.

  The nickname “le le” netizens “remarks mayor” channel in yangzhou city people’s gove

rnment website message, said the life pressure, whether consulting civil servants weekend delivery discipline.

  If not forced by life, a civil servant, certainly will not sacrifice the weekend rest time, against the wind in the rain and go to delivery

.Delivery is a legitimate career, for others, working without any problem, however, the civil servant law has a regulation,

civil servants must abide by the discipline, and shall not engage in or engage in for-profit activities.

  Then, the nickname “le le” the net friend to get official response again?

  Make a response to the county commission for discipline inspection, the content is as follo

ws: civil servants life difficulties, as a result of delivery during the weekends, in principle, does not constitute a viola

tion of party discipline, but as public servants shall be reported to the organization, and shall not affect the labor of duty.

  At the same time, the civil servants family really difficult, related party organizations and the unit should be paid to care about.

  Every family has a book difficult to read the classics, civil servants are no exception.Howe

ver, due to special civil servant status, even if the approved can be engaged in the

weekend delivery, shall not affect the labor of duty, shall not use power to influence delivery activities.


Tesla disc before the share price declinby more

  Before the original title: tesla disc shares fell by more than 4%, the company will cut 7% full-time employees

  On Friday, according to foreign media reports, tesla announced that will cut up to 7% of the full-time employees

.Reported, the company will need to increase the output of the MODEL 3 jobs at

the same time, in the next few months will have a lot of improvement of manufacturing facilities.

  In addition, the company did not audit in the fourth quarter of 2018, according to GAAP) criterion of profit is positive, but less than in the third quarter.

  The tesla dish before diving quickly, as of the time, the stock fell more than 4%, to $332.55.

  Earlier today, China’s national market supervision administration announced that a few days ago, tesla motors (Beijing

) co., LTD. According to the defect automobile product recall management ordinance and the measures for th

e implementation of defect automobile product recall management regulations, the state administration f

or the record to the national market recall plan, decision since April 10, 2019, recall on February 4, 2014 to Decembe

r 9, 2016 during the production of import Model S auto parts, a total of 14123 vehicles.

  Announcement shows that the recall within the scope of the vehicle’s passenger airbag assembly takada company did not

bring the desiccant ammonium nitrate gas generator.In the passenger airbag, abnormal gas generator may be

damaged, lead to debris flying out, and the occupants and pose a safety hazard.Tesla motors (Beijing) co., LTD

will recall vehicles free replacement within the scope of the improved passenger airbags, to eliminate the safety hidden trouble.

  In March 2018, tesla had announced, because of the power

steering bolt is excessive wear, tesla will recall 123000 vehicles worldwide Model S.


Qingdao vientiane city chanel woman smashed

  Late January 16, some netizens said that Qingdao sh

andong road, vientiane city chanel shop smashed by a woman.North green newspaper reporter in fact in the video

I saw a woman dressed in a pink jacket of cosmetics chanel shoppe directly picked up fell on the ground, and pulling counters.

  Witness mr.chen told north green news reporter, this woman looked young, emotional, on-site customer and staff repeatedly blocked its excesses, but to little effect.

  This morning, Qingdao south notice said the public security bureau, January 16, 21 PM, south the police after the alarm, a woman in

vientiane city shandong province road on the first floor, intrusion customers and broke the chanel shop goods.

  Called, zhanshan rip through the public security bureau police station 110 civilian police rus

hed to the scene rapidly, found that the women’s mental abnormalities, quickly to the women’s control.To the lat

er, the woman is always in a state of mental abnormality, the police immediately get in touch with his parents.After

investigation, the woman is chengyang district in the city people ryu (female, 21 years old), perennial with schizophrenia.

  That night, the woman was taken to Qingdao quiet mental hospital care, the case is under further work.


Men lose again to see women’s football!Women

  Hello, welcome to step meant sports.Capacity (Beijing time) on January 17 points, the Chinese women’s team in the first g

ame of meizhou of guangdong province will have four season, against Nigeria, women’s, is also th

e Chinese women’s football’s first official match in 2019.A total of four women’s football

team to participate in the four season, the Chinese women’s team, south Korean women’s women’s football in Nigeria, romanian women’s football.

  Pre-match press conference, Jia Xiuquan said to be through the communication with three teams, can find out my own s

hortcomings or advantage, can do better prepared for the World Cup, also hope to be able to offer fans good game.

  Worth mentioning is a sister wang shuang Asia to play out in 13 ligue 1 after the away game agai

nst lille, already rushing back overnight, 14 arrived in meizhou, no accident today also will be after her study in

the national team debut, let a person very is looking forward to!Jia Xiuquan also spoke of king for cream bef

ore use, frost king of competitive state is good, can consider to use only what will make her potential better.

  Must have a lot of yesterday’s Asian cup match, Chinese football fans watched, the tea

m’s 2-0 defeat to not Asian one cloth Min South Korea, even only one shot is t

he goal, has exposed many of our problems, there is no way, inferior teams have nothing to say, the country strong, can our national soccer team was like a

baby, need a process of growing up.But our women’s strength is some, less steel roses in spite of some attention, will still be radiant bloom.